Monday, November 5, 2012

Feel Els Castellers de Sabadell from anywhere, now in 3D! ;)

One of the most fun and spectacular events taking place in Spain are the Sabadell´s Castellers, held the second weekend of November each year for celebrate the Feast of the Colla.

The Sabadell´s Castellers, also called "saballuts" have traveled all around Cataluña and other regions such as the Vasque Country, Navarra, Balear Islands ...

 The best solution to view this video in 3D on your 2D Smartphone; first access from your phone to "TOYin3D" or scan the QR code that you can find at the end of this post, now enter your mobile phone into your TOYin3D viewer , and enjoy the best scenes in 3D! ;-)

At present they work to achieve castles of the high range of 7 floors and make incursions into 8 for over the 250 members of the entity continue feeling proud of being 'Saballuts'.

So, if you haven´t had the chance to see them live, don´t get lost it!!. Now you can see them with your TOYin3D as real as ever, IN 3D!!

Here we leave you one of the most famous castles made ​​this year, 2012:

3D Video Source: RAGA761

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