Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome to MIBA Museum in 3D [3D Videos & Pictures]

Welcome to the MIBA Museum!: Ideas and Inventions Museum of Barcelona, now in 3D ;-)

Barcelona city (Spain) is one of the most culturally and artistically rich in this country. That is why it never ceases to amaze.

This time we visited the MIBA in 3D, one of the most unusual, special and interactive museums that the public has the pleasure to discover in this city.

It´s a small & cool museum dedicated to invention and creativity at its best expression!

In this new trip, the team Estado Latente will discover, along these months, each of the amazing inventions and creations that can be seen at the Museum of Ideas and Inventions, with a great variety of content.

Today we bring you one of the first curiosities that MIBA museum offers in his entry as a first taste: the Periscope. This invention composed of a set of mirrors anticipates the secrets that the museum offers inside. You couldn´t resist to see the rest of the spaces!

Also, you can enjoy your TOYin3D with new MIBA 3D photographs, 3D videos, 3D apps and more surprises visiting or scanning the QR below!
Follow MIBA on twitter with #mymiba or @mibamuseum and join us in this new adventure where the genius, creativity and design come together to offer a unique experience in 3D. 

Don´t forget to be fitted QR code reader when you come to MIBA in order to enjoy a very nice experience with your TOYin3D ;-)

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