Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TOYin3D official sponsor of the first "Panasonic S3D workshop" in Lebanon by Solo Studios [3Dvideo]

Over the workshop you can try the universal 3D viewer TOYin3D, and enjoy a 3D experience on your 2D smartphones.

Solo Studios and Systech are proud to invite you to first 3D workshop for Broadcasters in the Middle East in partnership with Panasonic and organized by 3DS Middle East Academy.

3D technology is rapidly spreading beyond big-screen blockbuster at the multiplex. As it become more accesible and mainstream, there is a tremendous oportunity to create inmersive content for a wide of educational and informational applications.

3DS Middle East Academy is putting the tecnology in your hands in a stereoscopic 3D. Workshop that feature the latest Panasonic 3D camcorders. This intensive one-day workshop is the first in the middle east industry to address acquisition and workflow with a fixed 3D twin lens. Attendees will get an overview of stereoscopic 3D technology and learn what equipment options are available.

Hands-on camera labs using the AG-3DP1, AG-3DA1, Z10000 Panasonic 3D camcorders will put attendees behind the lens as they create their own 3D content with guidance fron Panasonic industry experts. This workshop will give valuable tips and practical knowledge that can help you star building 3D content.

Here's the 3D video "Rally of Lebanon" recorded by Solo Studios with Panasonic technology.

Run it from your 2D mobile, enter it in the 3D viewer TOYin3D, and enjoys a 3D experince ;-)

Topics Covered at the Workshop:
  • Overview of 3Ds: Role of the stereographer and how to visualize and achieve 3Ds images and 3Ds choices on set.
  • Hands on Camera Lab: Attendees will shoot with the Panasonic 3Ds camcorder.
  • Screening and critique of camera lab footage from the experts
  • 3Ds post workflow
  • Onset viewing options
  • Dos and Don´ts of 3Ds with hands on assignments


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