Currenty there is 488 million smartphones in the world (605 million 2012), this is your target for potential clients.

Want your next presentation, direct mail campaign, or product launch to be remembered, more effective, and increase sales ?

Turn your plain 2D smartphone into a full on 3D experiencie and achieve your business objectives thanks to TOYin3D.

A new maketing media, totally adaptable to your briefing, we will design the TOYin3D for you

100% customizable with your brand image

No special software is needed.

You can view the side by side content directly on your own personal mobile phone

    Surprise and engage your audience with an involving 3D media.

    Your clients or buyers no longer have to imagine how your product would look in 3D.
    TOYin3D viewers allow the illusion of depth to wrap the viewer in a realistic three-dimensional environment that increases attention and retention of your message. 
    Our viewers will add dimension to your bottom line and depth to your advertising campaign!

      TOYin3D stereo viewer is an unbelievable marketing tool to watch movies in 3D, video game cinematic, retransmissions online, video conferencing, augmented reality and 3D video games, look at photographs or take advantage of Smartphone gyroscope.

      Everything is possible with your business and TOYin3D.

      Build Buzz, Credibility, & Initiate Sales around your business TOYin3D is your new advertising marketing media  .


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        All kind of project are welcome, we adapt to your needs whether to large print run, customizable display, content, etc...
        Online retransmissions
        Weddings, Baptism and Communion
        Webcam3D and 3D video streaming through youtube, facebook, skype, msn, etc ...

          We work hard but not just for the Money. You personalized advice, free of charge and without obligation.

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