Monday, April 16, 2012

Share your 3D photos through mobile thanks to 3D Phereo and TOYin3D

Many of you have wondered how you can share your 3D images with your friends and family  who do not have a 3D mobile. Now with the Android smartphone, the 3Dapp "Phereo 3D Photo" and the viewer TOYin3D is very easy and aforable.


The first step to do is register in and you can upload your 3D images and share them in your blog's and  social networks.

Steps to see the 3D images on your Android mobile 2D:
  1. Install  the 3Dapp "Phereo 3D Photo" on your phone
  2. Choose 3D image you want to see
  3. Select display option "Parallel"
  4. Set the phone horizontally
  5. Introduce phone in your universal viewer TOYin3D

Get ready to see amazing 3D photos on your 2D smartphone ;-)

Here are some pictures we've uploaded to Phereo and made ​​with the 3Dapp "3Dsteroid" another cheap and easy way to make 3D photos.

A great app for viewing and sharing 3D photos. Phereo 3D allows to browse through thousands of 3D images and share your own stereo photos on

Application shows stereo on HTC EVO 3D, LG Optimus 3D and Sharp SH-12C: fully supports their stereoscopic displays and built-in stereo cameras.

Also you can see the 3D pictures in your 2D Android with the stereoscopic viewer TOYin3D.
Our goal is to make 3D popular and common thing - please support us with 5 stars at Android Market!

Download Phereo 

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