Sunday, April 15, 2012

UEM Communication Week: The democratization of 3D by TOYin3D

Next Thursday April 19th, 2012 at 15:00 we will be giving a workshop in Comunication Week at UEM (Madrid European University) concerning the Democratization of 3D. It will be a workshop where the object will be demostrates how thank to the most related object with consumers, the smartphone along with 3D capabilities, we can create opportunities for communication, entertainment and learning experiences.

Also analyze the different players involved and their evolution, and the latest technologies and trends in 3D.

The theoretical-practical workshop consists of two parts

1. Short and dynamic theoretical introduction
  • 3D capability (the industry perspective, the user, mobile, creators of content)
  • 3D in education
  • 3D as a marketing and advertising (3D advertising, 3D apps, 3D advergaming)
  • Hands on 3D! Instructions to the achievement of photographs in 3D

2. Workshop

Attendees will experience the fulfillment of photographs in 3D and their subsequent display using different techniques and applications as well as more cutting-edge ways to share did you know that you exite a Pinterest for 3D?

Great to see you there the democratization of 3D has start :-) 

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