Thursday, April 19, 2012

PhotoCam3D take 3D photos with your Nokia smartphone

PhotoCam3D lets you quickly and easily take 3D photos with Nokia mobile - easy as just taking two photos with a slight shift of the device in between. You have a visual guide displayed from the first photo when taking the second one. You can save the photo in multiple viewing formats and watch in 3D with TOYin3D.

For best results in shooting 3D we recommend using a tripod for mobile, so if you are careful enough you can easily get good results in 3D.

Once on the 3Dapp PhotoCam3D, take the first photo (left), move the camera a few inches to the right and take the second photo (right). Is ready!

Next Save it  and enter the smartphone in your universal viewer TOYin3D; Is not amazing 3D photography you have taken? Cool !

Share it on your social networks with your friends or with the ones that have a TOYin3D viewer  blow your friend away ;-)

PhotoCam3D TEST

The best ways to view these videos and pictures in 3D on your 2D mobile phone; first access from your mobile to "TOYin3D" or scans the QR code at the end of this post, now enter the mobile phone in your TOYin3D viewer; and enjoy the 3D scenes!!! 

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