Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is the best smartphone to your viewer TOYin3D?

With you know which is the 2D best smartphone to view 3D content using the universal viewer TOYin3D. There are several important factors that determine the 3D effect, the inch-diagonal, screen size, resolution, the pixels per inch and of course, quality.

[inch-diagonal + screen size + resolution + ppi + quality] x TOYin3D = 3D Amazing!!! ;-)

The highest resolutions to use your smartphone to the viewer TOYin3D:
Diagonal: 140mm - 5.5"

Size: 120mm x 70mm

Phones can be used longer as the Samsung Galaxy with 129.8mm or 135.5mm Google Galaxy, the important thing is that the length of the screen does not exceed the width 120mm or smartphone does not exceed 70mm.


I came across this great tool/website tonight that I’m sure many of our readers will be taking full advantage of. It’s called and simply put — it gives you images of some of the hottest phones out today and let’s you compare their overall size. That means when comparing phones, Phone-Size will accurately display the device exactly as if you had the two devices sitting side-by-side to each other in real life.

The site also allows for visitors to adjust the overall size of the image in case you’re viewing the site from a laptop or mobile device. I know this will come as a great tool for the many smartphone users out there who are constantly upgrading their devices and are forced to ask themselves, “exactly how much bigger (or smaller) is my new phone going to be?”
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