Monday, March 12, 2012

iVisio3D: Turn your iPhone or iPod in a amazing 3D binoculars with the viewer TOYin3D #3Dapp

The company Anag3D Studio  brings the application stereoscopic iVisio3D, this allows us to convert our mobile phone in media binoculars that will make traveling within the 3D images. This simple and amazing 3Dapp offers unlimited possibilities for companies that want to offer added value in 3D.

Ideal for marketing, archaeological sites, museums, travel visual guides, infoarchitecture, education, science and technology, photojournalism, 3D art photography; it's a great concept to promote 3D movies.

And of course, has a wide variety of 2 large markets, such as 3D weddings and adult content. ;-)

If you have a project in 3D you could get in touch with the Company Anag3D Studio.

With iVisio3D you can view 3-D pictures in a parallel side-by-side format. Altough there are already many apps available, iVisio3D is incomparable, when used in combination of a specific stereoscope like the one designed by us, in offering a complete navigation of the image and not a simple static visualization at a fixed dimension. It's difficult to explain with words but it's just like to have powerful threedimensional binoculars with which, rotating with your body, you can linger at the left, the right, up and down on your preferred details of the scene; additionally, you can zoom in (magnify) and zoom out (reduce) the image with a simple tilt on the left or on the right of the ipod/iphone placed in a TOYin3D stereoscopic 3D viewer (not supplied). Some people say that the experience is very rewarding even when looking at usual 2D pictures !

Besides images you can watch also 3-D movie clips in the traditional static format.

Clips and images are grouped into Albums which can be downloaded and stored on your device just typing the related code or simply selecting them from a continously updated list automatically downloaded from our servers. If you are a producer (individual or company) of 3-D footage please contact to know how to publish your material.

The best ways to view these videos and pictures in 3D on your 2D mobile phone; first access from your mobile to "TOYin3D" or scans the QR code at the end of this post, now enter the mobile phone in your TOYin3D viewer; and enjoy the 3D scenes!!! 

**To watch these video in 2D, uncheck 3D option.

Technical Specs:
  • Parallel side-by-side viewing of stereo pictures and 3-D movie clips
  • Zoom in and zoom out of the scene and change of the picture through a simple tilt of the device on the left or on the right (have a look at the first picture in the screenshots)
  • Selection of the portion of the scene to be shown trough horizontal and vertical rotation of the head (for pictures only)
  • Demo Album of 3-D pictures provided during installation
  • Album can be downloaded from the Internet (no registration required) and stored on your device

Please note:
  • iVisio3D leverages on some peculiar features of the iPod/iPhone 4 models (like the retina display)
  • It needs a stereoscopic viewer to be exploited at its best
  • Like all and any stereoscopic tool, we strongly suggest you to avoid to have child of 6 or less using it
  • The pictures of the Demo Album are owned by the Author of this app and cannot be used outside of it without his written permission. The same goes for the pictures of the other downloaded Albums which belong to their respective authors.

Any question, please contact us at

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