Sunday, March 11, 2012

First ever '4D' Hong Kong adult film

Hong Kong film producer Stephen Shiu Jr, who had worked on the Hong Kong adult film "3D Sex and Zen" which made waves across Asia last year, recently revealed that he plans to release a '4D' sequel to the film, reported Hong Kong media.

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Shiu explained that he is toying with the idea of having filmgoers watch the film in cinema seats that vibrate (a technology that has already been installed in at least one Hong Kong cinema) at various points throughout the film, which would add an extra dimension to the way viewers can experience the movie.

He added that the sequel, which is tentatively named "4D Sex and Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East", will also address a key complaint filmgoers had levelled at the first film.

They felt that the racy scenes in the first film were not intense enough.

"This time we will be paying more attention to that, and will be enlisting the aid of experts from Japan to direct these scenes," said Shiu.

Shiu said the film will also feature appearances by notable Japanese adult film actresses from the Japanese music group Ebisu Muscats, as well as Taiwan model Alina Xu.

He hopes that this combination of new elements will allow "4D Sex and Zen" to surpass its ultra-successful predecessor "3D Sex and Zen" at the box office.

"3D Sex and Zen" has grossed some HK$40 million (S$6.47 million) to date in Hong Kong, and is also one of the high-grossing films in Hong Kong last year.

The US$3.2 million (S$3.9 million) "3D Sex and Zen" raked in over HK$2.8 million (S$446,000) on its opening day in Hong Kong, edging out Hollywood director James Cameron's "Avatar" which took in HK$2.6 million (S$414,000).

The hype surrounding the film, which was touted as the world's first 3D adult film, was so great that there were even reports of travel agents organising trips for tourists from China to catch the film in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as China's strict censorship laws prevented it from being screened there.

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