Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NHK Launch 3D Video Bank [3DVIDEO]

Hoping to take advantage of an expected demand for 3D video media, Japanese broadcaster NHK have launched a library of 3D video which includes 250 minutes of stereoscopic content.

NHK MT (Media Technology) has been engaged in the development of 3D HD since 1989 and is now offering 700 cuts of 3D footage for online distribution.

Examples include Underwater (coral reef, tropical fish), Aerial (Hawaiian beech, city centre, Sydney coast line), Clay Animation (short story of funky mice), Science (Yoyo juggling, exploding cracker) and Japanese Culture (sushi, archery).

You can see the full list including samples here.

In similar news, Discovery Access, the online footage licencing division of Discovery Communications launched in March, is gradually adding more 3D content to its library.

During MIPCOM 2011 Jocelyn Shearer, Vice President of  Discovery Access, showed 3dfocus.co.uk some CGI 3D clips. Rather than converting live action footage, Discovery Access is going back into the CGI archives to re-render the sequences into 3D. Discovery Access is working with Pixeldust Studios to provide the stereoscopic 3D animations. Pixeldust Studios already works closely with Discovery having worked on the CGI sequences of big Discovery shows such as Powering the Future, Somali Pirate Takedown, Nuclear Nightmare and American Loggers.

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