Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Discovery Access Makes 3D Footage Available to Production Community [3Dvideo]

Discovery Access, the footage licensing division of Discovery Communications, today announced the addition of Stereoscopic 3D sequences to its breadth of content offerings. Discovery Access will work with CGI leader Pixeldust Studios to provide first of its kind, cutting-edge Stereoscopic 3D animations that burst off the screen. Discovery Communications unparalleled library of high quality footage is already in demand from television and motion picture producers around the world. This new offering bolsters Discovery's commitment to lead in the Stereoscopic 3D arena.

"This Stereo 3D CGI is stunning. We have cells exploding, black holes consuming the earth, alien invasions...the crisp nature of CGI combined with the Stereo 3D effect is visually arresting", says Jocelyn Shearer, VP Discovery Access. "Pixeldust Studios are great creative partners; their modeling techniques and special effects are amazing and really raise the bar for what we see on screen."

"Discovery Communications has long been a company of early adopters. We were among the first to embrace HD and later launched the first Stereo 3D network. The addition of this new content solidifies our position as leaders in the Stereo 3D space," said Peter McKelvy, Senior Vice President, Footage and Music Services. "Discovery Access continues to be a business game changer, both for the production community and for Discovery Communications. It is our intention to expand the power and reach of our world-class footage, to not only meet, but to exceed customer demand."

Since its launch in March, Discovery Access has provided direct online entry into an archive 25-years-in-the-making built upon Discovery's core mission of satisfying curiosity with the highest quality, ground-breaking content. At users can easily search, preview, license and download footage including many of the iconic Discovery scenes; from jumping great white sharks, to distant exotic locales, to unparalleled views of science and space. New content is added to the online library on a daily basis.

About Discovery Access

Discovery Access is the footage licensing division for Discovery Communications 28 global entertainment networks and multiplatform media brands including Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet. Discovery Access is home to decades worth of the world's most captivating and diverse digital content from around the globe. For more information, please visit

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