Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tur3D is the first 3D stereo platform for Spanish Tourism [3Dvideo]

Tur3D® is a new 3D showcase aiming to help you discover our Spanish country’s biggest attractions.

Audiovisual contents will make you enjoy yourself through any platform (web, mobile phone, Standard TV or 3D TV) and in many formats (conventional 2D, anaglyph 3D and polarized 3D, which is downloadable for your new 3D TV).

Tur3D® is accessible to everyone!

The most spectacular and funny way to bring you the cultural contents of a place. Choose which stereo documentary you want to watch and get ready for a unique experience!.

You just have to click on SEE. Besides, if you register, you will be able to download for free a stereo documentary, so you can enjoy TUR3D on your 3D display.

"Use a TOYin3D to watch this video in PARALLEL-VIEW on your mobile"


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