Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Ibiza Professionals filmed the magic island in 3D [3Dvideo]

The "Professionals" is production company based in ibiza, specialised in television, commercials and photo shoots in ibiza and the Baleares.

We offer affordable solutions for production and location support for producers and production companies for all sized film, documentary, TV, commercials, video clips and photo projects.

Being filmmakers and photographers ourselves we know what you expect, and we’ll make sure that you get the best assistance in order to successfully shoot your project in Ibiza.

The "Professionals" crew has more than 10 years of production experience on the island of Ibiza.

[3D Video after the jump]

Our crew is made of award-winning multi-lingual professionals with experience in all levels of productions in the TV & advertising industries in countries including Germany, the UK, France, Spain and various other
parts of the world.


Ibiza is packed with fantastic locations, beaches, bar, clubs, fincas and villas.

Let us know what you are after and we´ll get back to you with a range of ideas for your shoot, photo or film.

Modern minimalist villas with incredible views to the blue of the Mediterranean or centuries old traditional fincas hidden deep in the countryside, white sandy beaches or rocky coves and callas, world famous clubs, bars, restaurants or sea-side chiringitos, the island of Ibiza has it all.

The Pitiusas, as Ibiza and Formentera are called, are just a couple of hours away from most major European cities, and can claim more than 300 days of sun throughout the year, and more hours of daylight than most of Europe, meaning more shooting time.

Temperatures are mild even in the winter, when the islands burst with colors, making Ibiza and Formentera an ideal choice for your production.

Ibiza is packed with incredible locations, so let us know what you are looking for and we´ll show you some of the best-kept secrets Ibiza has to reveal.

Director Bastien François

Aside from helping international crews setting up their production in Ibiza, Bastien works as a director in Spain and Germany mostly, for commercials, music videoclips, web films as well as documentaries and TV content for various TV channels and production houses. Bastien was nominated 3 years in a row for an ECHO (Deutscher Muzikpreiss) as well as a Comet Award for Best Music Video for german artist Lafee. You ´ll be able to find more on his personal site:

In May 2010, Bastien directed Germany´s first 3D commercial for cinema release, for Deutshe Bank Skyliners, through Neue Sentimental production company (more info on this spot here). You can see some of his previous work on the left side.

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