Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coca Cola 3D ad "Follow the Bubble" [3Dvideo]

The Coca-Cola Content Factory is an internal creative team within The Coca-Cola Company currently based in Paris, France. Our job is to make great marketing for our Company's brands while having fun at it. Unlike traditional teams, we work directly with producers all over the planet; creatives are internally produced and/or crowd-sourced from our growing network of global partners. Doing this gives us greater control and supreme efficiencies.

We have experience in cinema, digital, IT, mobile, media partnerships and TV creative & production management -- including long form entertainment, 3D film, gaming and loyalty program. The team is run by Stafford Green, a 23 year veteran on The Coca-Cola Company. Previous work by The Factory includes Coca-Cola Zero and Mentos Rocket Car and the Hand Revolt.

[3D Video after the jump]
For this spot, the creative idea grew from a conversation between Dooma Wendschuh and Stafford Green. Sekretagent Productions, Inc produced the film, with The Coca-Cola Content Factory acting as both client (brand) and agency (creative). Online coordination and distribution is by Mediatronica, who will also produce additional games and apps related to the Bubble film theme in the coming months.

We were fortunate to have Rob Cohen agree to direct this spot. Rob Cohen has made 30 feature films as a producer, writer and director since arriving in Hollywood the day after his graduation from Harvard University. Notable among his credits are "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", "Dragonheart" (Academy Award Nomination, Best SPFX, Hugo Award Winner), the Emmy-Award Winning HBO film, "The Rat Pack" and the three franchises he created, "The Skulls", "The Fast and The Furious" and "xXx" starring Vin Diesel. His latest film "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" grossed over $400 million internationally. He lives and surfs in Malibu with his wife Barbara and their triplets, Zoe, Sean and Jasi.

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