Monday, July 2, 2012

The first 3D wedding filmed with 5K definition

I always hated video in weddings. The quality always look so cheesy. But not this one. This one was filmed with RED Epic cameras on 5K resolution and 3D! These are the same cameras that Peter Jackson is using for The Hobbit or Ridley Scott used for Prometheus. Gizmodo's friend Peter Chang—from Golden Gate 3D—sent us the teaser trailer for the world's first 3D wedding video shot in stereoscopic 3D on 5K resolution RED Epic cameras. They didn't take any photos, as "each frame can also be extracted as a high resolution 3D still image." That's a technique that some photographers are using now with mixed results—although most photographers don't film with RED Epics.

The wedding was celebrated at The Mirador Estate, in Montecito, near Santa Barbara, California. Peter says that the garden was in full spring bloom, "resulting in some gorgeous 3D visuals to complement Julia and Stuart—the bride and groom."

I hope Julia and Stuart got a 3D TV in their wedding registry.

What do you think? Maybe a bit overkill? Perhaps, but I can guarantee you that most brides would feel jealous. [Thanks Peter Chang, from Golden Gate 3D]

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