Thursday, December 22, 2011

Samsung Adds 3D YouTube To Smart TVs [3Dvideo]

Samsung have revealed a partnership with YouTube that will see thousands of the video sharing site’s 3D clips available through the Korean technology giant’s Smart TV system. The move was revealed at the ‘IFA 2011′ consumer electronics forum, where Samsung demonstrated an updated version of the ‘YouTube On TV’ app for connected TV’s.

The app allows users to see a range of 3D video content on their TV screens under ’standard 3D video formats’, using the range of viewing options that YouTube’s official 3D channel offers, with support for video quality of up to 720p HD. Though most connected devices have an official YouTube app, the Samsung version will feature improved search options and enhanced customisation features.

Samsung will be hoping that their presence in the British Isles will grow with this deal, after selling over 1m connected TV sets in 2010. Samsung UK marketing director Guy Kinnell stated the company’s intentions: “Samsung is glad to be an exclusive partner in bringing YouTube 3D experiences to the TV space for the first time in the world at IFA 2011. Samsung Smart TV is an ideal platform for YouTube to convey the beautifully visual user interface and 3D experience that consumers will now have at their fingertips for watching and sharing 3D content worldwide. This partnership will contribute to the continued growth of both the 3D and Smart TV industries.”

Francisco Varela, ‘global head of platform partnerships’ at YouTube, added: “The launch of YouTube on TV underscores one of YouTube’s core missions: to make high-quality video available anywhere and on any device. In addition to our efforts in web and mobile, 3D videos on YouTube can now also be shared and enjoyed through high-quality-large-screen Smart TVs.”

The service will also be released to all 3D-ready connected Smart TVs and Blu-ray players from Samsung around the world by the end of the year. How will YouTube fare in the mainstream 3D market?

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