Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Argentina emissions test the first compressed 3D TV

It seems that in Argentina are taking very seriously this television in three dimensions. Proof of this is that on December 2 took place in that country, the first broadcast of "3D compressed" by DTT . When it comes to 3D compressed, do it for the fact that images have been sending 1080p-3D, using the same bitrate and bandwidth that the employee emissions "normal" 1080i-2D.

This was used a test channel in ISDB-T, and an encoder codec NEC AVC/H.264/MP4-10 suitably modified for the occasion. Tests have managed to convey in a single channel "normal" (and using the bandwidth of conventional) four times more data than usual, thus being able to transmit a 3D Full HD strongly about saving bandwidth.

For its part, the receiving equipment consisted of a PC, USB DVB-T card and NVIDIA SDI (O) and Quadro 6000. This conveniently connected to a conventional TV-compatible 3D. If at the end is found a business interest in this interesting system could be marketed in the form of set top box, which greatly simplify their use. In any case, an interesting step for 3D TV broadcast on digital channels.


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