Friday, November 18, 2011

Presente3D Beta Registration for its PowerPoint Stereoscopic 3D Plug-In

Presente3D, a stereoscopic 3D plug-in for Microsoft’s PowerPoint, announces that it has officially launched its website and opened beta registration for its highly anticipated stereoscopic 3D plug-in for PowerPoint. Presente3d is a plug-in for PowerPoint that allows users to easily take boring 2D PowerPoint’s and add 3D properties to each element within a presentation.

“People are always saying that in order for 3D to take off it needs content that can be displayed in 3D. Presente3D offers PowerPoint users who have no experience in creating 3D the ability to easily add 3D to text, images, shapes, etc. We are excited about the upcoming release of our Beta and look forward to all the feedback we will get from our users.” said Dennis Cafiero, Co-Founder, Presente3D.

Presente3D works with any commercially available 3DTV or 3D-Ready projectors on the market. For non 3D display users 3D can be enabled by using Anaglyph (Red/Blue). In future releases Presente3D is looking to partner with different auto-stereo display manufacturers to integrate their display technology into Presente3D.

And you can watch it in 3D on your smartphone with the universal 3D viewer for mobile phones TOYin3D.

“By making our software compatible with all commercially available 3DTV’s and 3D-Ready projector’s it allows us to reach a large consumer market that is eager for 3D content. We look forward in the future to partnering with auto-stereo display manufacturers since would be a large market opportunity for us.” said Vitalii Boiko, Co-Founder, Presente3D.

Key features of Presente3D:
  • Seamless integration in Microsoft PowerPoint’s Ribbon Bar
  • No 3D or CAD modeling experience necessary.
  • Works with all 3DTV’s and 3D-Ready Projectors along with 2D Displays through Anaglyph format.
  • Original Presentation can be viewed in PowerPoint’s 2D Presentation mode at any time.

Presente3D beta registration is available through the Presente3D website, interested beta testers can register at:

Twitter: @Presente3d

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