Monday, November 21, 2011

Movistar TV launched 3D TV in Perú

A 3D channel airing Telefonica’s DSL Play –TV programs has been launched in Peru recently. The TV channel operator is airing this 3D data through its subsidiary Movistar TV.

Viewers would be treated to a bouquet of programs starting with film trailers to documentaries all of which would be in 3D format and aired between 7 to 9 pm. The prime service provider Movistar TV has also formed an alliance with Movie City to provide their viewers an exclusive film library in 3D format.

Company CEO José Miguel Gamero said : “Our 3D TV channel is the only one in the region and it will be part of the HDTV packages we currently offer to our digital service’s clients.”

The commercial manager at Moviecity, Ignacio Landeta, on his turn mentioned about the alliance that has been formed as follows :- “We are very happy to be able to give our 3D films through Movistar in Peru. It is very important to open a new technological window so all this content reaches our subscribers. This initiative will be very well welcomed by those having this technology.”

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