Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Feet Two in 3D [3Dvideo]

Happy Feet 2 is coming out tomorrow, as shown on IMDB, and it will share many familiar characters from the first CGI animated film.

According to IMDB, “Mumble’s son, Erik, is struggling to realize his talents in the Emperor Penguin world. Meanwhile, Mumble and his family and friends discover a new threat their home — one that will take everyone working together to save them.”

What really made the first film stand out and become as beloved as it is today was its use of positive and encouraging story telling. Lets hope this one will not disappoint in this regard. Another thing that made the original great were the scenes of penguins gathering en masses to work together and tap to beats as a single unit. The sequel looks to possible surpass the original in this regard (according to early reviews).

Blast Magazine has already reviewed the film in a very positive light. The reviewer, in particular, had great things to say about the its use of stereo 3D effects; and even said they exceed Avatar’s. Here is a segment od the review:

The 3D in ‘Happy Feet Two’ is also insanely deep. Every plane and dimension is visibly noticeable and vibrant. Objects actually jump out at you. It was so convincing that children were reaching out to pop bubbles that floated through the screen at one point. Of all the 3D movies I’ve seen, it was never as successfully coordinated as it is in this movie. Well worth the extra money. This 3D was better than ‘Avatar’s’”

The review gave Happy Feet 2 a full four-out-of-four star rating. It got a commendation for all ages.

The Globe And Mail reviewed it as well and gave it three out of four stars. The review praised how adorable the movie is and its use of voice work.

According to The Globe And Mail, “There is definitely something oddly moving about CGI-animated penguins singing heart-songs to their mates and offspring and working collectively, through musical numbers, to solve life-threatening problems. And aside from talking, singing, dancing and intellectual thought, these penguins otherwise closely mimic the agile moves and behaviours of their real-life counterparts.”

Not all reviews were praising the film as a masterpiece though. E Online only gave it a C rating. The review also slammed the original and did not like the storytelling in Happy Feet 2.

Not everyone has the same tastes in films, but overall the film has been getting great review. In terms of 3D effects alone the film should be worth watching.

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Genre: Animated, Family
Film running length: 103 min (excl trailers and advertisements)
UK release date: 2/12/2011
Advance screenings: 26/11/11,27/11/11
Directed by: George Miller
Country: United States
Language: English
Distributor: Warner Bros Distributors Ltd

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