Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 3D adult film industry needs to pump out more content

The adult industry is a surprising benchmark for a great many entertainment phenomena. HD, and in earlier years, VHS were all acid tested by the lucrative industry, but it is more often the case, especially in the post-internet age, that the industry never sees the money.

Such concerns were raised at the 3D TV World Forum this week in London where Gregory Dorcel, CEO of Dorcel3D, spoke about the failure of the porn industry to turn tridimensional content into a healthy profit.

Dorcel3D is a purveyor of such content, but despite the hype surrounding 3D, in particular 3D porn films such as Sex and Zen, Dorcel pointed to a lack of mass 3D consumption which simply isn’t swelling the coffers in the same way it’s, well you know:

“The adult industry did not succeed in monetising HD, so we have a huge challenge with 3D. The most important thing for us is not to do the same mistakes we did on the HD side.

“The industry needs to have more and more content to attract the consumer. At the moment we feel that the content is much too low.

“We are one of the biggest 3D producers in the world and we have a medium sized company dedicated to adult content – but there needs to be more people using 3D. If this doesn’t happen, we are afraid that we face a flop again with 3D.”

Unfortunately for many in the industry like Dorcel, few consumers are going to invest in 3D hardware when they can get their kicks elsewhere, and it may be that no amount of 3D bits and bobs are going to change that particular consumer habit.

With regards to the actual content, and how the format is shaping the images being produced, the Frenchman is convinced that the films should be no longer than 30 minutes:

“This is for comfort. For regular 3D content, the maximum exposure should be around 100 minutes. For images that come further out of the screen, this needs to be limited to around 30 minutes.”

Although referring to the effect of 3D on the viewer’s comfort, it may also be a thinly veiled self congratulatory remark about the quality and effectiveness of his work as well, we’re not quite sure…

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