Friday, September 30, 2011

ViewSonic announces PLED-W200 and PLED-W500 portable 3D LED projectors

Display expert ViewSonic has announced a pair of new business-themed portable projectors, adding features that mean the device may be making trips home at the weekends.

The ViewSonic PLED-W200 and PLED-W500 are both powered by an LED light source, making them significantly smaller and lighter than a traditional lamp-based projector. They also come with a much better lifespan: unlike the hundreds of hours per lamp of a traditional projector, both models are rated at 20,000 display hours.

While primarily aimed at the business user who needs to travel light - with stand-out features including 1GB of internal storage for PC-free presentations on the top-end PLED-W500 - the two projectors also include some features that home users will likely enjoy.

The top-end PLED-W500 includes an HDMI 1.3 port for connection to Blu-ray players or game console systems, and supports resolutions of up to 1280x720 - not quite Full HD, but a respectable resolution for film watching or gameplay. More impressively, it also includes a 120Hz refresh rate and compatibility with 3D shutter glasses - meaning that gamers can enjoy large-scale fully-immersive gaming. Quite what ViewSonic thinks business users will be doing with 3D support isn't yet clear.

Brightness may be an issue, though, the PLED-W500 features just a 500-lumen bulb, while the cheaper PLED-W200 drops to 200-lumen for the projectionist on a budget. Both models are expected to launch in the US next month priced at around $700 and $500 respectively (about £450 and £321,) but UK pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.

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