Friday, August 26, 2011

3Dtuber, Video Sharing Website for 3D Content and on your smartphone with a TOYin3D

The website 3Dtuber is a new online platform for users to share and watch stereoscopic 3D videos online by taking advantage of the HTML5 capabilities, it has similar idea as the YouTube’s 3D functionality. You can either upload a 3D video and watch it directly from the browser using any of the available viewing methods, depending on what 3D hardware you have or upload a 2D video and have the site autoconvert it то 3D for you. The 3Dtuber supports playback of 3D videos at 720p resolution, so it is recommended to upload videos with at least that resolution for best results.

You should have in mind that the 3Dtuber website requires you to use HTML5-enabled browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Webkit, Internet Explorer is not supported at the moment. You have multiple choices for the output of the 3D video when watching, these include anaglyph (red/cyan, red/blue and green/magenta), Side by Side and autostereoscopic (row/column interleaved displays).

The website does not yet have support for 3D Vision.

3Dtuber - What is it?

  • 3Dtuber is a 3D cloud-based content delivery system
  • 3Dtuber allows 3D viewing on any type of HD display ( monitor, TV, projector )
  • 3Dtuber allows 3D viewing on any smarphone with a TOYin3D
  • 3Dtuber plays a 2D video in HD 3D
  • 3Dtuber can present 3D content on any website

3Dtuber - How does it work?

  • 3Dtuber requires use of an HTML5 enabled browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla/Firefox or Webkit (for Mac). MS Explorer not supported at this time
  • 3Dtuber supports Multiple 3D formats
  • 3Dtuber displays vivid high High Definition ED on monitors with inexpensive, non-active, 3D glasses (magenta/green glasses best)
  • Free membership enables easy video uploads
  • All videos are stored in WebM open source, high quality, open video format
  • Works best with 720p HD videos and above


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