Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dimension 3 International S-3D & new images forum [VIDEO]

Today, the power of animated images is exploited by all branches of the communication and information industry; yet this is only the beginning… For instance, video will make up 90% of online traffic by 2015.

Stereoscopic 3D, augmented reality, haptic technologies, ultra high resolution: Digital technologies lead to a large variety of new usage values and expressive processes. All this new potential is exciting indeed! However, this large variety can also be disconcerting, as producing so many images and finding their optimal usage will prove to be quite a challenge…

These issues inevitably require some training, information and exchanges with professionals. This is why in 2011, the Forum will keep on bridging the gap between professionals who offer new tools, products, services and applications in the field of new images on the one hand, and those who are looking for solutions or innovative practices in digital imaging, from creation to screening, on the other hand.

Dimension 3's 2011 edition will also offer, more than ever, a place for budding talents to express themselves and for vocations to be born, by providing a number of educational activities and supporting younger generations.

We should acknowledge the importance of content creators in the field of 3D, so that tomorrow's world can be filled with smart images!

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