Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sony’s 3D TV Commercial

Sony has released a football-themed television commercial for 3D TV, featuring 2D doubled versions of Kaka. The ad was launched on television in Europe during the final of the Champions League in Madrid, along with an outdoor projection in Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid. A fully-functioning 3D version will be broadcast in cinemas across Europe prior to screenings of 3D films throughout the summer. “Please do not adjust your set… This is 3D TV… Maybe it’s time to get a 3D TV.”

Shot in 3D yet airing on standard TV stations for the World Cup, the ad will appear to be transmitting incorrectly on a standard 2D set. The left and right eye images will play intentionally out of line to get people wondering what it will look like in stunning Full HD 3D on a BRAVIA TV, with the endline ‘Maybe its time to get a 3D TV’. This dream then becomes a reality in June, when Sony’s 3D products will appear in stores across Europe in time for the start of the FIFA World Cup, and a host of 3D content (including the full glory of the Kaka spot in full 3D) will be available to view in store and in cinema.

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The 3D campaign was developed at Anomaly, London, by creatives Richard Mulder and Mike Byrne, and agency producer Andrew Loevenguth.

Filming was shot by Jonathan Glazer via Academy Films, London with producer Simon Cooper, director of photography Marcel Zyskind, production manager Bugs Hartley, production assistant Kerry Smart, 1st art director Eric Kaskens. Location production was provided by Widescope Productions, Barcelona.

Visual effects were produced at Asylum. Editor was Paul Watts with Paul Dawber. Post production was done at One of Us by VFX supervisor Tom Debenham and producer Leigh Warner.
Audio post-production was done at Wave Studios by Johnny Byrne.
Music is “Clog Dance” from La Fille Mal Gardée, a ballet by French composer Ferdinand Hérold.

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