Saturday, January 22, 2011

3D Demoreel by DepthQ® Lightspeed

Lightspeed’s stereoscopic 3D production pipeline benefits from advanced filmmaking technologies that have been developed and honed in-house over the past seventeen years producing stereo 3D content. DepthQ® Stereoscopic is a mature, live-action 3D filmmaking process that maximizes creativity, efficiency and accuracy from acquisition through post. Combined with our knowledge and experience in 3D film-making, it allows us to produce comfortable, visually impactful, cost-effective, GREAT 3D!

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Lightspeed has provided content for some of the world’s most image-conscious clients. Our 3D productions have also been seen by millions through museum theaters and a world exposition. Behind the scenes, Lightspeed has developed unique proprietary methods for digital 3D filmmaking, and Lightspeed’s DepthQ® Player software is being used by Imax, Disney Imagineering, SimEx-Iwerks, and DNA Productions in the creation of their own 3D content.

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