Sunday, January 16, 2011

3D futbol by Sky TV

Sky Sports made television history by becoming the first in the world to broadcast a live football match in 3D.

A selection of media, fans and industry executives were treated to Man Utd's 3-1 win over Arsenal in full 3D at the Emirates Stadium and at nine secret pubs dotted around the UK all of which had been specially fitted with 3D ready TVs.

At the end of the story you'll see part of the match in 3D.

[3D Video after the jump]
The broadcast served as a taster of what's to come when Sky launches its 3D service in April. The company intends to deliver at least one Premier League match per week via 3D at no extra cost to viewers who already pick up their HD service - provided of course they're watching on a 3D TV set.

The Arsenal fans among the lucky viewers will clearly have been disappointed at the game's final outcome as two remarkable goals settled the game in Man Utd's favour. An exquisite piece of skill from Nani jinking through two Arsenal defenders and a brilliant counter attacking goal finished off with a wonderful first time strike by Rooney put the Champions two up in the first half and all but ended the tie.

But while the Premier League's top teams ensured there was ample flare on the pitch for such an occasion, the real question on the amassed tech journalists' minds was whether watching the action in 3D would have enough wow factor to really make the 3D bug spread.

With the big brands all launching 3D ranges over the coming months, the success of content from providers like Sky, will be extremely important in driving the uptake of the new technology.

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