Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Industrial Design: ingenuity which deserves to be celebrated in 3D

The World Industrial Design Day has been celebrated since 2007 to recognise professional industrial design. That’s why DIMAD and Ideas Republic have created the exhibition called Fresh Product to celebrate this event. Different studies and designers have participated on it as volunteers to show part of the industrial design made in Madrid (Spain).

I also wanted to celebrate this international day in a different way, in 3D, that’s why I show you some of the most interesting proposals so you can enjoy it with your TOYin3D.

I'll stick with the ceiling and table lamp made with Bic pens ((Volivik 347 and Volivik 50) and the wiring dummy hanging from a iron gallows (Colgao), all by enPieza!

If you went to Matadero Madrid and took some photos of the most original and funniest designs, share them with us!!;)

Industrial Design 3D photos
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