Friday, March 2, 2012

Introducing Anizeto Calzeta in 3D by Guillermo Fesser at #MWC [3Dvideo]

Guillermo Fesser introduces "Anizeto Calzeta: The Mysterious Case of the Lonely Ghosts" into Mobile World Congress.

This is the first conventional book that incorporates digital technology in its pages. By using a cell phone with internet access.

The pictures come to life on your telephone screen and become videos with songs, riddles and jokes.

This book is a revolutionary hybrid between the book and the cyber tablet that will appeal to children's fascination with computers and video.

Games while at the same time fomenting their traditional reading and writing skills. This format will be the cyber hook that brings our children back to the wonderful white world of paper, building important skills that we parents don't want them to lose.

3D Video
The best ways to view these videos and pictures in 3D on your 2D mobile phone; first access from your mobile to "TOYin3D" or scans the QR code at the end of this post, now enter the mobile phone in your TOYin3D viewer; and enjoy the 3D scenes!!!  

To view this video in 2D turn off option 3D

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