Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beeweeb: Scan my QR code OnFly at #MWC in 3D [3Dvideo]

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2012 (MWC), ​​we find the bees of Beeweeb, a curious and powerful way to "guerrilla marketing".

Beeweeb is a software design company focused on convergent and mobile solutions.

Beeweeb combines excellent technical skills with cognitive ergonomics and marketing competences to design and deliver superior user experience. The ease of use of the applications and exceptional quality design of the interfaces enable an extraordinary usability for the end user and booster business opportunities for telecom operators, media companies and other large enterprises.

3D Video
The best ways to view these videos and pictures in 3D on your 2D mobile phone; first access from your mobile to "TOYin3D" or scans the QR code at the end of this post, now enter the mobile phone in your TOYin3D viewer; and enjoy the 3D scenes!!!  

To view this video in 2D turn off option 3D

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