Friday, September 23, 2011

The European 3D-Stereo Summit for Science, Technology and Digital Art -December 2011

3D Stereo MEDIA is an international event fully dedicated to all facets of “3D”.

The event is built around the four key components below, designed to fulfill the needs of most people interested in the scientific, technical, artistic, and/or business aspects of 3D.

The power of 3D Stereo MEDIA lies in the fact that it focuses on 3D, provides high-quality information, uses 3D visualization extensively, brings together scientists, engineers, artists, businessmen, and deciders, is supported by a major university and the local imaging industry.

This year, 3D Stereo MEDIA reinforces its offering by introducing a scientific conference, with appeal to researchers, and a 3D film market, with appeal to artists and investors.

Be sure to take part in this event, acclaimed as one of the world's top events fully dedicated to all aspects of 3D!

Professional Forum

3D Stereo MEDIA features a professional forum dedicated to all aspects of “3D” and providing pertinent, time-critical information for the practicing professional, with emphasis on the present and the near term.

The forum comprises a professional conference, an exhibition, technology demonstrations, workshops, and 3D-movie screenings. It also features a new 3D film co-production market called

The 3D Film Mart (3DFM)

It is a place where scientists, engineers, technicians, artists, movie directors and producers, communicators, educators, businessmen, investors, and end-users, all driven by their passion for stereoscopic and advanced 3D, gather and interact.

The domains of interest comprise (1) cinema and broadcast, (2) industry, engineering, design, science, medicine, defense, and R&D, (3) communication, education, and entertainment.

The forum makes maximal use of its S-3D projection capability on a 9 meter-base screen in the main 500 seat-auditorium, also generally equipped with advanced, naer-true 3D sound.

For more information on the new 3D Film Mart (3DFM), please see Film Festival & Mart.

Scientific Conference

3D Stereo MEDIA features a new, international, scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the multidisciplinary topic of 3D imaging, with emphasis on the near to very-long term, and called

The International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D)

IC3D - to be pronounced “I see 3D” ... - conforms to the standards of major scientific and engineering conferences. Submitted papers are peered-reviewed; accepted papers are presented orally or as posters, and published in proceedings.

IC3D is the “Skunk Works” of 3D Stereo MEDIA. This is where research scientists and engineers thoroughly explore the principles, theories, physics, technologies, algorithms, mathematics, etc. of 3D imaging, and where many future marvels of x-3D are being conceived.

The conference rooms are equipped with S-3D visualization.

To submit a paper, please see Call for Papers.

Film Festival & Mart

The 3D Film Festival and the 3D Film Mart are two distinct, independant components of 3D Stereo MEDIA. The only reason reason they are presented jointly is purely logistical: the awarding of the 3D Film Mart project by the European Commission came at a time when the website was already in place. While the 3D Film Mart is indeed closely related to the 3D Film Festival, it is also closely linked to the Professional Forum. In the future, the 3D Film Mart will become one of the five independant pillars of 3D Stereo MEDIA.

In accordance with the above remarks, the festival and the market are described separately on:

3D Academy

3D Stereo MEDIA features a 3D Academy offering a small-group training session mostly dedicated to 3D film-making and 3D stereography.

The training session cover the hard, technical aspects of 3D-film making, as well as its softer, artistic aspects. The basic program consists of a balanced mix of lectures presenting the key concepts, of demonstrations using state-of-the-art equipments, and of commented screenings of excerpts of S-3D films. The equipments used for teaching and/or experimentation comprise S-3D cameras, rigs, post-production equipment, and visualization means. A typical experiment involves S-3D captures, various adjustments of parameters, and a direct visualization of the effects on an S-3D screen or display.

The session should appeal to tools developers (engineers, ...) and end-users (artists, ...).

For the program, please see Program.

3D Film Mart: Submission deadline extended to 12 September 2011. See Call for Projects.

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