Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ISU 2011 Congress - International Stereoscopic Union

The International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) was founded in 1975 in Wageningen, The Netherlands, and is the only international 3D association in the world. The ISU is a club of individual 3D enthusiasts as well as a club of stereo clubs. The ISU's members currently number more than 900 and come from 38 countries world-wide.

3D-Photography, 3D Video Imaging, Computer Stereo, Digital Stereo Projection, Holography, Virtual Reality and all other stereoscopic photography techniques are used by members of the ISU.

Although the ISU caters mainly to the 3D amateur photographer, the ISU also has much to offer to members who are professional stereo photographers as well as to those who are more involved in the scientific aspects of the stereoscopic image.

The quarterly Jounal of the ISU, Stereoscopy - the publication of 3D image-makers, is circulated to all members and is considered to be an important item in cementing the "family" into a coherent whole. Apart from tuition in 3D photographic techniques, the Journal carries information and articles from around the world on new equipment, literature and all manner of related subjects. Many articles are well illustrated with 3D drawings and stereo photos - and since 2007, every issue is printed in full color!

A major activity of the ISU is the organization of a Congress every second year in one of the major member countries. The ISU is considered a "family" by its members and the biennial Congress is seen as a genuine "family reunion"! New "family members" are always most welcome.

It is easy to become a member of the ISU. For instant ISU membership, payments by PayPal are accepted through the website of the ISU (http://www.isu3d.org ). Current ISU membership dues are less than US$2 per month and should be affordable to anybody.

The ISU Congress in 2011 will be organized in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.

When: August 17-23, 2011
Where: Hotel Zuiderduin, Zeeweg 52, 1931 VL Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands (Holland)

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