Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sthreeam - Capture 3D photo and video from your iPhone

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to have a look at our project. We are confident that with your help, we´ll be able to make it a success. Just by spreading the word about our product to your friends you can be a great help to us!

Mobile phones have become a device that mixes work, leisure, entertainment and consulting. They are what we call smartphones, and among smartphones, people love the iPhone*. So do we.

Among their many applications, people use their iPhones to take pictures and record videos, often seeking to convey much more than a simple image. Sometimes people want to share not an image, but an experience. Your iPhone is always there for you to do that, and when it comes to sharing experiences, doing so in 3D is much more meaningful. Our dream is to create a device that, while offering the same extraordinary quality of Apple* products, can convey this emotion.

This is why we have developed Sthreeam: A plug-and-play device that gives your iPhone the capability to take 3D photos and videos that can be displayed on conventional 2D TV and computer screens using Red-Cyan glasses, and on specially-designed 3D screens.

Sthreeam 3.2 is our first development in 3D around the iPhone 3GS. Designed according to the aesthetic and quality requirements of a true Apple user, it allows you to take 3D photographs with a resolution of 3.2 MP.

Always keeping in mind the aesthetic characteristics and the impeccable quality that Apple gives all of its products, Sthreeam 5.0 sets a new landmark for your iPhone 4: In addition to being able to produce photographs in 3D with a resolution of 5 MP, it allows you to record videos in 3D in VGA at 30 fps.

In our daily work, as the new start- up that we are, we offer engineering, hardware and software development services to a variety of companies. Nonetheless, our goal is to create and develop our own products and to make them a reality. The first of those products is Sthreeam.

As you can imagine, the technical effort invested in the development of a device like Sthreeam, and its corresponding software, has been immense. To certify, produce and distribute it is another world, and this is where we´re asking for your support: In order to bring our Sthreeam to your home, to the user. We´ve been able to bring the product to this point on our own, but now we need you in order to complete our mission.

We are certain that with your help we will be able to start to send a Sthreeam to all of the Kickstarters during the month of August. We hope that this project will make you passionate enough to get into action, and help us with your support.

Thank you very much!

* iPhone and Apple, are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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