Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enrique Criado Stereoscopic 3D Reel

Passionate advocate for stereoscopic imaging for more than 15 years, not only as a professional working in the field but also as a personal challenge.

Creative Stereographer, experienced Stereoscopic Supervisor & S3D Consultant has been working with studios, producers, and directors on stereoscopic films and projects, connecting narrative to stereography, improving workflow and optimizing S3D implementation costs, from concept through post and delivery, for more than twenty projects.

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Also supervising stereography on CGI productions & VFX compositions, developed his own tools for live action shooting including 3D rigs, 3D live alignment software, 3D underwater housing, but also tools to improve post stereo corrections and techniques.

He has participated in the most important industry events by giving speeches, conferences or even with his publications (IBC, Broadcast, SD&A, DGA Digital Day, SMPTE), awarded as the one with the best use of 3D Stereo in the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications 2008, (award shared with Rob Engle from Sony Imageworks). He also played as a judge for the 3D Theatre with Samuel Zhou from Imax Corporation and supervised the Star Wars short film 3D projection in Spain for LucasFilm in 2007.

Founding partner of Enxebre Entertainment, Spanish company specialized in stereoscopic production & services since 1995.

He is worldwide available, for live and CG projects, but also as lecturer and S3D trainer.

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